quote- maharaji
quote- maharaji

Who are you?
Are you a being that has felt your heart and bathed in that contentment, bathed in that understanding, that silence, that tranquility?
Jumped into the ocean of serenity and felt cleansed, felt renewed, felt fresh?
Or do you feel the dirt of all the confusion on you— sticky, dirty, gritty?
What do you feel?
What I offer is the possibility of being cleansed, of being fresh without that grit and dirt.
It’s not how it got there, but that you can get it off.
That’s the point of it.
People say, “Let me figure out a way to avoid it.”
They’ve been trying to do that for a really, really long time.
It’s not about figuring it out.
It is about feeling.
It is about taking that bath in the crystal clear waters of clarity.
Jump in! Bathe.
Be cleansed and feel free.
Feel freedom.
- Prem Rawat