quote- maharaji
quote- maharaji

You don’t have to go around just believing.
You don’t have to be stuck with reasoning.
You can know.
The question is, as a human being, what do you choose in your life?
Being unconscious is a choice, and being conscious is a choice.
It actually takes the same amount of effort to be unconscious or conscious.
You may think that being unconscious actually conserves energy, but it doesn’t because of the consequences.
What are the consequences?
Pain and suffering.
If you have suffered, you know how much energy it takes.
Consciousness may seem to take a little more energy, but it actually doesn’t because you’re happy.
Happiness doesn’t cost anything.
Everything about happiness is free.
When you’re happy, it’s like, “Do I have to call somebody?
Do I have to do this or that?” No, you just relax.
Everything is gorgeous.
- Prem Rawat