quote- maharaji
quote- maharaji

once in our lifetime, it would be nice to sit down and feel what we really want to do.
The quest for doing it would come from within, not from the outside.
It would not be driven by this world.
So much of what we think we have to do comes from somebody else.
What does the bathroom cabinet of life look like?
All the fixes: “Take this anti— stress thing.
Go for a walk, go for a jog, go do this, go do that.”
Nobody says, “Why are you getting stressed?” It’s something to think about because there is one more element to living that we have not included.
It’s not about going to the moon, and it’s not about accomplishments, and it’s not about what we could do.
There is another quest within each human being, and that is the desire to be fulfilled, not in thought or imagination, but in earnest.
It is the desire to be in that one place which is surrounded by certainty, peace.
- Prem Rawat