Citation by the Wisconsin Legislature, to honor Prem Rawat- Maharaji

Prem Rawat Maharaji- wisconsin Resolution Recognizing the Good Work

WHEREAS, Maharaji arrived for the first time in United States in 1971, and since that time has attracted thousands of disciples who were completely inspired by his discourse and by his radiant personality; and

WHEREAS, now there are many centers of his Divine Light Mission in every major city in the United States and Canada; and

WHEREAS, Maharaji has dedicated his life to uplifting mankind from the sufferings of ignorance by spreading the knowledge of God; and

WHEREAS, Maharaj ji has carried his mission throughout the world bestowing on all seekers of truth the direct experience of God by revealing the primordial vibrations of all life;now, therefore,

The Members of the Wisconsin Legislature, on the motion of Senator Peloquin and Representative Willkom, under Joint Rule 26, unite in thanking Maharaji for the alleviation of inward suffering that he has brought about and for the incentive he has given people to work constructively in the outside world, and hereby extend an invitation to him to visit Wisconsin and travel, bringing his message of peace to all the residents of our state.

Norman C. Anderson             Lt. Governor Martin J. Schreiber             William P. Nugent
Speaker of the Assembly             President of the Senate                 Senate Chief Clerk
March 14, 1973