House Majority Leader in Maine Honors Prem Rawat’s Message of Peace

Prem Rawat / Maharaji- House Majority Leader in Maine
Glenn Cummings, House Majority Leader from Maine, wrote Prem Rawat a letter of commendation.
"I am writing to extend the gratitude of so many Maine citizens who have found peace and enlightenment through your teaching. Your message has resonated with many Maine people through the broadcast of Words of Peace television program, which airs in two of our state’s largest communities, Portland and Biddeford, and a film documenting your efforts is expected to soon air on local cable television across the state.
"During a time of such political unrest in the world, it is promising to know that foundations like yours are working so hard to spread messages of peace. It is also encouraging that Mainers who are active in your foundation are bringing meaningful aid to those most in need of food and water and shelter. Many Maine people offer their thanks."

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