Prem Rawat Awarded Honorary Citizenship in Two Sicilian Cities

Maharaji Prem Rawat- Honorary Citizenship in Two Sicilian Cities
Prem Rawat opened the 64th annual Almond Blossom Festival in Agrigento by lighting the Torch of Friendship and Brotherhood at the Palacongressi. The mayor of Agrigento, Marco Zambuto, introduced the event, which was attended by military and civil dignitaries as well as the public, saying, “We are lighting the fire of friendship, and we express our hope for a free and peaceful co-existence.”

Later that day, Prem Rawat was the guest of honor at the Pirandello Theatre, where he received honorary citizenship of Agrigento, the famous “City of the Temples,” and was presented an award of recognition by Francesco Cascio, President of the Members of the Sicilian Parliament, on their behalf.

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