The Prem Rawat Foundation Grant Brings Clean Water to 10,000 Villagers in Ghana

Maharaji / Prem Rawat Foundation - Clean Water to 10,000 Villagers in Ghana
Thanks to a grant TPRF made to the National Council of Women of the United States, more than 10,000 people in four villages now have clean drinking water, instead of having to walk miles to contaminated streams. Many people in rural Ghana face disease and death just to get the water they need for drinking, cooking, and washing. Fetching water is the responsibility of old women and young girls, who must rise early each morning to walk to streams which may be five to fifteen miles away. They return balancing huge buckets on their heads. Young girls have no time to go to school. Water from these sources often spreads disease, because it is also used for bathing, laundry, and watering animals and crops.
A proverb in Ghana says, "He who brings water brings life." Speaking at a ceremony commissioning a hand-operated well in the village of Azzar, home to 1,000 people, Mohammed Issah, an official of Ghana’s Eastern District, said, "With clean water, we can go about daily life without having to worry about waterborne diseases." Another well was installed in Amagama, a village of the same size. These villages have no electricity, so the wells had to be dug by hand in rocky soil.

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