The Prem Rawat Foundation Holds Successful Eye Clinic in India

Maharaji / Prem Rawat Foundation - Successful Eye Clinic in India
The Prem Rawat Foundation recently sponsored a two-day free vision clinic in a remote tribal area in Jharkhand, in northern India, where certified optometrists and ophthalmologists donated their time and expertise to help some of the poorest in India. Nearly 2,000 consultations were completed. Optometrists and medical doctors volunteering their time and skills at the clinic were impressed by the standards of the clinic. For Raminder Bir Singh, M.D., "It was a very well-organized camp run by the Foundation. This district is underserved, and medical facilities are very few. It was very helpful for the needy because there is no eye care facility in this area." This was the fourth vision clinic held by the Foundation in the last two years.

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