Prem Rawat,quote
Prem Rawat,quote

As long as breath comes into you, as long as you are alive,
the story is not finished. It is still evolving.
At least one part of its evolution depends upon you.
Some people say,
'I am bound by destiny. Whatever happens in this world, I'm not responsible for it.
Whatever I do, somebody up there is pulling the strings and I am dancing—I'm a puppet.'
I'm not going to debate that because it would be pointless.
What is not pointless is that a certain part of the story is dependent upon you.
You control the outcome of part of the story—not all of it, maybe, but a certain part of it.
The part of the story you control is about real joy,
happiness, contentment. It is also about recognition
and about looking within and finding answers to the questions that you may not yet have even asked.
-Prem Rawat