event,Prem Rawat,quote
event,Prem Rawat,quote

For the bird that was raised in a cage, its definition of freedom is a bigger cage.
And the one that was raised in a bigger cage? Its definition is an even a bigger cage.
When somebody comes along and says, “Think outside the cage, not a better cage,”
it is not about a brand new cage, gold-plated cage or leather-lined cage.
The world says, “Flash your freedom! Show your cage! Let everybody know your status: that you live in a cage
that has LEDs, plasma TVs, surround-sound stereo system, computers, all of these things.”
This is what happens in our life too. Every definition begins with a cage—a better cage.
But a better cage is not freedom. Freedom is something else.
Freedom is when you feel free, not because somebody says, “You are free!”
And then we say, “That’s true because I saw it on TV, I read it in a book.”
Why can’t we decipher for ourselves what we feel? Do I feel free?
Maybe I’ve got the fanciest cage and the latest plasma TV, but do I feel free?
When you go to that beautiful place within, that’s where freedom is.
Don’t take my word for it—feel that in your life. When you actually experience it, only then will you be free.
-Prem Rawat