Prem Rawat,quote
Prem Rawat,quote

In our culture, in our understanding,
what we are looking for is away from us.
It is all about acquiring, not about discovery.
It is about what you don’t have, but can achieve.
Your goals.
It is not about what you know, but what you can know.
It is not about what you already have been given, but what you should have.
And this is how we are.
I am not passing judgement. This is not about passing judgement.
This is not about, 'Well that's good and that's bad.'

But when we begin to see that here you are, I am, we are,
we exist. Each one of you has been given so many things.
And among those, one is life, one is breath.
And just leave it at that.
Don’t get more complicated than that. Because gratitude isn’t
about how it should be, how it could be.
Gratitude isn’t about changes.
Gratitude is appreciating what already exists and feeling thankful
for that.
-Prem Rawat