small bird,perch,hand,Prem Rawat,quote
small bird,perch,hand,Prem Rawat,quote

In this huge, fascinating world of existence, millions and billions of people and stars,
light years of space, all this dirt, and then there is you-
just you. And it does not matter how many companions you have, you still travel alone.
And in this journey, you cannot afford to get lost; that's why you need to be conscious. And
nothing will help you to be conscious, more than the practice of this Knowledge,
because it brings you to the center again and again and again-- your center, not mine.
It clarifies your understanding, and that's all you need.
I am not here to scare you; Knowledge cannot be practiced by being afraid.
There are people who can tell you if you do not do this, you will go to hell.
I do not say this. Knowledge is for those who are free, not slaves.
Those who are in fear are slaves to themselves, not to somebody else but to themselves.
And those who understand the importance of this life, they are free.
-Prem Rawat