old man,hat,Prem Rawat,quote
old man,hat,Prem Rawat,quote

Once there was a young man who had just graduated from university and was walking behind an old man.
As he was just starting out in life, he thought maybe the old man could give him a few words of wisdom.
The old man was walking weighted down with a big load on his back.
The young man went up to him and asked, “Do you have any words of wisdom for me?
I’m just starting out.”
The old man stopped, looked at the young man, put the load down, stood up straight, and smiled at him.
Then he put the load on his back again, hunched over, and walked away.
Not a word was exchanged. I think it was the wisest thing he could have ever told him:
The reason you walk like this is not from your load. That’s all borrowed.
If you want to stand up straight, then put the load down.
What you have been given, what is yours, is not a load. What is yours is truly a delight.
It is simple: The more we enjoy, the more joy we have.
And the more we accept that joy, the more we appreciate.
Other things in life decrease, but this is one thing that keeps increasing.
-Prem Rawat