blue abstract,Prem Rawat,quote
blue abstract,Prem Rawat,quote

Q: “When you begin to look for peace, peace will begin to look for you.”
This is one of your quotes. Do men truly desire peace?

A: "We look at ourselves by our name tags,
by the hats and uniforms that we wear, but we are all human beings,
and human beings desire peace. Is peace a luxury or a necessity?
This is a fundamentally important question.
We know that breathing is not a luxury, water is not a luxury,
they are necessities. I say that peace is a necessity, not a luxury.
That’s what people want. But when the elements of greed, fear,
anger and confusion come in between people and their own desires,
everything becomes very convoluted.

We look toward institutions to solve the problem;
we need to solve the problem.
Right now, there are not too many places in the world
where people have the spirit to unify, to come together.
When there are, there will not only be peace on earth,
but in the heart and the mind of every human being."
-Prem Rawat