blue,Prem Rawat,quote
blue,Prem Rawat,quote

There is a big difference between your shadow and you.
Even though the shadow is cast by you, you are not your shadow.
When the sun goes down, the shadow will not be there, but you will be.
And this is the distinction.
These things exist because I exist, but these are not my existence.
All these things I rely upon exist because of
me, but I do not exist because of them.
The Core is You. You exist.
Because you exist, there are certain things that also exist.
How unfortunate it is that we start to associate
ourselves with those things. Pretty soon we say,
'Well, they are me. I am them.' They are there, but you are not.
Your life, your understanding, your steps,
your journey, your elation and your filling
of the heart is the process of contentment.
-Prem Rawat