blue train,Prem Rawat,quote
blue train,Prem Rawat,quote

There is a train , and it is going on and on , and it doesn’t stop.
Every second, four passengers get on the train and two get off.
Every second. Think about it. During this time you are sitting here,
how many have gone and how many have come?
So they come, and they go.
Similarly, one day you came.
That’s great. Listen to your story.
In this coming and going, you came,
and sat on that train.
That’s the good news.
Really, congratulations that you sat on the train.
Congratulations that you are alive.
Congratulate yourself that there
is a breath coming in and out of you.
This is the true blessing of the creator.
People ask for this and that,
no one asks for the breath.
And without asking,
the creator is giving it to you.
And what do you have to do?
Accept it.
And what will you get out of it?
What you should get out of it: joy.
-Prem Rawat