european parliament,brussels,Prem Rawat,quote
european parliament,brussels,Prem Rawat,quote

We talk about prosperity.
In my formula and this is only because I have observed it: prosperity without peace is chaos;
Everybody is wondering what is going on.
I mean isn't it just a few years ago, every thing was wonderful,
everybody was proud: "Yes the economy, yes the economy,
yes the economy". And then, all of a sudden......
Prosperity without peace leads to chaos. If we want to avoid this chaos,
then we have to work on what peace really is.
That peace is not a monastery, that peace is not absence of noise,
that peace is not absence of war. Peace is not a declaration;
peace is a fundamental human need that needs to be felt from within.
And I am paraphrasing the United Nations Charter, that:
"It is in the minds of men, of human beings, that the wars are created.":
that's where it comes from. And I just want to add this much:
that it is from the hearts of human beings, that peace will be created.
-Prem Rawat