nervous system,human body,Prem Rawat,quote
nervous system,human body,Prem Rawat,quote

What is the value of this existence?
What do you have? What have you got? What have you got in this existence?

This? (Pointing to the body)
It’s dirt. It’s dirt. No two questions about it.
Flesh, 70% water, skin, bones, nerves, muscles, arteries, brain, eyes,
Nothing permanent by nature, they will dissipate and they will disappear.
So if there is a value to this, it has to be something that is within this, that is incredibly valuable.
And after that thing that is valuable is gone, this no longer carries any significance.
And this is exactly how it is.

So if you remotely agree that the value of this is only because what’s in it.
Then do you know what’s in it? Have any clues? What is it?
What is it that makes it so valuable?
And if you want to know that then that’s my forte.
That’s what I do.
-Prem Rawat