Prem Rawat at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

Prem Rawat Maharaji at Griffith University, Australia
Maharaji addressed a distinguished audience of faculty, students and guests at Griffith University. He was thanked by a leader from the Australian Institute for International Relations.

In his address Maharaji says
What i offer is to turn your focus within, so that you can feel that peace in your life. What you are looking for is within you. When there is no peace within, then there is wars outside. Inside, has to much to do with expression of what takes place on outside. Express then, your sincere desire to yourself for peace. Find that thirst that will lead you to water. I have nothing to sell. My speeches are not make you feel good. If it makes you think "I am alive, possibility of peace is there, and I am richer than i can ever imagine." Then the thirst will take over and it will guide you to water. If you take nothing from this event, then take this one thing - you need to have peace in your life, period. With my help, without my help - i don’t care. Find it! And if you can’t find it - I can help. And thats what its all about. Thank you very much. And i hope you give it, some thought.

Griffith University is committed to high standards of scholarship, innovation, internationalization, social justice, ethical standards and lifelong learning. It consistently ranks high among Good University Guides, with the Griffith Business School ranking 11 in 2006.

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