Analogy from the movie- Kung Fu Panda

There was a lot of reluctance on how is everything going to work. Even with The Keys, so many people said "This is a big mistake. Don't do it. It will never work".

I tell people, don't worry about it. Knowledge has automatic protection. Gets in the hand of wrong person, and nothing will happen! Absolutely nothing. How many of you have watched the movie Kung-fu Panda. It's cute! It's an electronically animated movie. Lots of beautiful things are said in it.

The clip is followed by brief clippings from the animated movie.

The big scroll- it had it's own protection. The wrong guy looks at it and says "There is nothing here!" And the right guy looks and says "There is nothing here, except me!". Knowledge has auto-protection as well. Without the master you won't understand about it. The more you read about it the more confused you will get.

This lady who received knowledge was in aspirant meeting in India. She gets up and says "I don't experience anything!" Every aspirant sitting there, looked at her and then looked me like "Haah, deal with this!" I was just in a good mood. I said "Oh, no problem. Stop Practicing." And she goes "No, no, no! It bring me joy, peace, happiness". And I say her, "What else did I promise you?" And you should've seen the faces of the aspirants. They were like "I want this knowledge!". I bet some of them even thought it was staged. It wasn't staged!

This address was directed at an audience of people who have learned the techniques of Knowledge. For more information, visit The Keys page.

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