Events with Prem Rawat

The charged up compilation video showcasing a typical year that is lived by Prem Rawat! Videos of Maharaji's events are aired in many countries around US, UK, Brazil, and Australia. It has received awards and rewards in most countries for being a positive change in people's lives.

This is about us, this is about being alive. This is the opportunity- Take that opportunity. You're not going to be here forever. You're not. Don't be under any illusion. But don't let that sadden you and don't let that madden you. Just feel the urgency of today, that's all. Just put that sharpness on what it means to be alive today. What is important is this breath, look at that!

Lot of exciting things, I think a lot of events are going to happen. Indian, not the most together people in this world, but when it comes to putting up events on Peace, they just outdid themselves. Some of these events you see with 100,000 people, 5000 people are with Knowledge. Rest all are guests, they are all invited. I've satted a stage with 250,000 people looking at me. You have gone to football field where 100,000 or 150,000 people are there. But they are not looking at you. I've been in the place where 250,000 people are looking at me and I'm looking at them- Just a human beings. I really just like to see a person as a human being. Not as man-woman, rich-poor, this-that, just human being.

Professor: (from IIT Delhi in NRCVEE) I would like to know from you Maharaji, what message do you have for millions of poor people in this country. They have lots and lots of problem. What kind of message would you have for them?

Maharaji: My message to them is exactly same as for the one has two square meals a day. And not two meters, but miles of land to them. Because after you have eaten and your hunger is gone, there is still inner contentment to be had. It is upto us to take away the poverty from the face of this earth. And may be that solution begins when a person can feel the peace in their life and they finally look around to see what is possible.

On the Road with Prem Rawat
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A message of Peace
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