Do you find Coffee Trendy?

This is excerpt from Event in Portland, US; a city of coffee enthusiasts.
Everywhere you go here, you find Coffee shop, coffee shop, coffee shop! Portland's best coffee, smoothest coffee, best smoothest coffee. Don't take me wrong, not like I hate coffee, but give me a break! Why? it's a trend!

Who needs the trend? Those who cannot think for themselves, needs others to think for them. And then merely copy if it suits them or if enough people are doing this, "I want to be normal".

I'm an avid coffee drinker too. And it all started one day. I din't used to drink coffee. That was in San Francisco. I was in Studio in morning and it was freezing cold. Because when they turn on the lights it gets warm, so they set the AC to really cold temperature. So I'm standing there shivering. Finally one of the producers walked by, looked at me, and said "Why don't you drink some coffee, at-least it is hot. That's when it started."

So for me, it's not a question of trends. Knowledge has never been trendy, never. It's been amazing. And I'll tell you something. Take it for what it's worth. I'm trying to push anything, but this is how it is. Within you is the Kingdom of heaven. It almost starts to sound like somebody read one book and everybody said "Great!". Except, nobody read this book, because it comes from the heart. That is it's beauty. It's not a trend, it's true. So many things become trendy, but this breath doesn't become trendy, this is the real thing. When has breath become trendy? But not once did it make "The 10 best list"!

All is Well
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