On the Road with Prem Rawat

The video shows compilation of various places having events of Maharaji. Also includes some beautiful expressions and interactions. Also gives an insight on what is happening around, lately!

What is being taught? The value of each breath is being taught. The value of this existence is being taught. When I feel that true Gratitude, it evokes me, not a society, not an idea or concepts. When I say all this, it is not meant to be just words, it has to be real for you. Thats when it matters. So many of you have come here, and it's been a while since you have been to a live event. It wonderful to be here, to see each other eye to eye and say "It's not a TV". Because you are alive, be alive!

Lady: I just would like to thank you for everything you have done in my life. But mostly today I would like to thank you for the human effort. Your presence, attention, commitment makes this happen. To me it was so special!

Another: I just wanted to tell you how absolutely beautiful my life has been and continues to be, since I first heard you and received knowledge 25 years back. I just feel so proud when I see your press release, what you have done around the world, whether speaking at Italian Parliament, or what you have done for the Tsunami.

Maharaji: Thank you very much, but I dint do anything for the Tsunami. What can I do with Tsunami, Tsunami is already over. But I did something for the victims of the Tsunami! TPRF is doing some Good stuff and trying to take care of people who need the help. Clean water and food are very very important. The greatest gift you can give anyone is the gift of joy. The Gift of peace is the greatest gift you can given anybody- Hungry or not hungry, believe me. Peace Rules!

Events of 2008
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Events with Prem Rawat
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