I can take out time in my busy life

Expression: Everyone is sharing experience about knowledge, I want to share my simple experience about knowledge. I thought I would never have an hour to spare of my day. I received knowledge two and half weeks ago, and I said stupid, all your life you are working so hard to be relaxed. And you can't give one hour for that you ever wanted? And that was great realization for me. I wanted to thank you for the answer you gave me few months ago, when you talked about kindness in fifth key. Kindness really makes the whole difference in the world

Maharaji: Thank you for talking about that. When you have passion, it happens. When you don't, then nothing. When you have that love, it can happen. It doesn't matter how busy you are. I have made it as simple as it can be. We're up against everything. If the weapon of choice isn't simple, nobody will use it. And it's simple, it's very very simple

This address was directed at an audience of people who have learned the techniques of Knowledge. For more information, visit The Keys page.

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