Houses of Parliament: London, United Kingdom

Prem Rawat at the Houses of Parliament in London, where the Pledge to Peace was presented. He addressed dignitaries and invited guests, stressing the importance of taking care of our fellow human beings. It's a privilege and honor to be here this evening. And it's a greater privilege and honor to address the issue of peace. Peace begins with every single human being. It is not an issue of institution. It is something that has to be felt and experienced in the heart of every single person. We do so much in this world to make a better life. Everyone tries very hard to better themselves. Yet, we spend so little time understanding the dynamics of what causes turmoil to happens. What is it inside you and me that is is pushing us to evolve into a better situation- to be more content, to be more in peace. Peace is like a seed, waiting in the desert- for water. It sees no distinction. What seed cares about, is water.

In your heart also lies this seed, wanting and waiting for nothing else than to be fulfilled. So many things have come in- priority is not to be content anymore, priority is to appease so many that are on the list to be appeased. To me, that breath coming into so many on the face of this earth, is screaming a message - 'Now'. Now in your life, be fulfilled! Now in your life, find that joy. The joy that doesn't come from the catalysts on the outside, but that is triggered when one has found the fulfillment within.

A message of Peace
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"A Good Detective" analogy by Prem Rawat
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