Incredible Miracle

Today a miracle happened- did you know that? A miracle took place! And this miracle wasn’t about milk out of the walls. This miracle is made possible by the most divine. And the miracle was your existence today. And then if you are alive tomorrow, it wil happen again. And it is the miracle of all miracles. Today in your life- there is a possibility of being content. And wait- it gets better- today is the possibility in your life of being happy, of being thankful. Because you were happy, because you had peace, because you were content, and understood the essence of knowledge, the essence of learning. You may have a lot of knowledge but may not understand it. It's no good. That which you understand becomes yours!

Freedom- What is true freedom? I don’t speak of freedom that other people think of. I am talking of freedom that can be experienced in prison. When you are locked up, has your freedom been taken away? Yes! One freedom has been taken away, but there is another freedom that cannot be taken away- even in prison. And that's the real freedom. Peace that can be felt in the middle of the battlefield- that's the real peace. Nobody can take away from you. And that's your reality. And that is Who you are

It’s About You and Me
03:51 min

Science city auditorium Kolkata (Calcutta)
41:00 min