Maharaji at Mirzapur, 2009

This event was held at Mirzapur in 2009. It is said,

"Shishya shishya sab kahein, shishya na bana koye.
Paltu guru ki vastu ko, seekhe tab shishya hoye.

This knowldedge is not for the world. All that which you consider your own, is not yours. Even this body is not yours. So, who are you? You were caught in the definition of glass, but you could not drink the water in the glass. This glass is not for decoration, it is for drinking. The well which does not have water is a ditch. So, what is the difference between a ditch and a well. The difference is water. In this body resides the ultimate one. This body is made of dirt and one day it will become dust. If you want to make a connection, then make it which such a thing that is true. Make this life successful. This knowledge is to make this life successful, completely.

This address was directed at an audience of people who have learned the techniques of Knowledge. For more information, visit The Keys page.

Asli Khwahish
03:17 min

Sundarta- beauty
24:54 min