Prem Rawat remembers Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

This video presents an insight into that which has been ambiguous for the longest time.

Who better to hear it from, than the person at the centre of the controversy and who is known for calling it "how it is", my Master Prem Rawat, who I revere by the honorary title Maharaji.

Maharaji talks about the legacy of Shri Hansji Maharaj (HRH Yogiraj ParamHans Satgurudev Shri Hans ji Maharaj) and the wish of Shri Hansji's Master (revered Guru Swarupanandji) for Shri Hansji to further propagate the message with the gift of Knowledge in India, then Shri Hansji's wish and choice for Maharaji to take this message of peace and gift of Knowledge to the rest of the world, and hence the events that unfolded subsequently.

Imagine, one master having a vision that some day this knowledge will be around the world. And he did, and he had to plot a course to make it happen. And he did! He picked one of his kids and said "I want him to learn english". And then not only that, first of all he's born into royalty- A Rawat. He throws it all away, dint want any part of it. Because he wants to find peace. And he searches and searches and he finds a master who gives him peace. That master sees his enthusiasm, his love, and makes him the next master. At this point, there is nothing- No cars, he has no assets. I don't know why this is this way, but all the assets that were, went somewhere else. He said "I don't need it, all i have is my master's blessings and my enthusiasm".

He ended up with a few people who recognized him and knew that he will be the one. So they begin. He's sleeping on benches, train stations, No place to eat, waiting for trains- Propagation begins. Propagation start, then India division happens. And all his work ends up in Pakistan. He comes to India, again he has to start doing propagation and he starts. He buys a place strategically because he knows that some of those people will go to Haridwar (Uttarakhand), which is holy place in India, Atleast once a year around Baisakhi coz they are from Punjab and Baisakhi is one of their festivals. And so he builds a place strategically and puts up his banner with his name. So that when they are going to Haridwar they will see this and make the connection. And some did! So against all odds there is a vision that Knowledge will spread throughout the world!
And that starts it. Today what you see- 2000, 3000, 7000, 100,000 or 300,000 - the seeds of it are planted way back! Not only that, he has a clear vision- 100%, as clear as it gets. He goes and sets up a picnic and his eldest son is in Missouri at this college. He tells eldest son and makes it abundantly clear "Don't try to become anything, and let Sant (which I was called), let him do anything he wants to do". So the vision is as clear as it gets. No questions about it!

Then series of events happen, and then one year I find myself in a photographic studio having my picture taken for a passport, and then the Indian Bureaucracy, and then one day this guy arrives with the passport in hand. At that moment do you realize people in India did not want me to go to the West- No! They had their concepts "No, it's not going out". And then the day came, the tickets came. It was night time flight, I got dressed with two pair of clothes on. I didn't know what was gonna happen. Took-off, landed in Rome, Ended up in England.

And the rest is History. I was sitting in living room, bunch of people looking at me, I'm looking at them. Here we are, it has begun. And it goes and it goes and it goes and it needs to evolve and it will evolve and the time has come to take another step.

Even though reference to the techniques of Knowledge are made earlier than 1700, this is the traceable history thus far

Sri Totapuri Ji Maharaj (1780 - 1866)
Sri Anandpuri Ji Maharaj ( 1782 - 1872)
Sri Adwetanand Ji (1840 - 1919)
Sri Swarupanand Ji Maharaj ( 1884 - 1936)
HRH Yogiraj Param Hans Sadgurudev Sri Hans Ji Maharaj (1900 - 1966)
& Maharaji

This address was directed at an audience of people who have learned the techniques of Knowledge. For more information, visit The Keys page.

Prem Rawat at Tel Aviv, Israel
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