Pyaar ka naata

The topic for which I've come to talk about, is already inside of us. People around the world search for it. But I've come to tell you that what we are looking for, is not separate from us. And if we want to know the truth and find it, then the answer lies within. Whether I look for it on mountains, or around me, it will always be with me. And if I recognize, then there is no limit to the possibilities in my life.

What comes in this body? In this body comes Breath! And it is no ordinary thing. If you don't understand the value of this breath, then try buying one. It cannot be for sale, and the whole wealth of this world can't buy it. And it comes easy for free. And with every breath comes life. With every breath comes a wish to fulfill our life- To experience the supreme joy! A wave with breath to live in supreme joy in every moment of my life. I cannot love chaos, sadness, doubt and discomfort. This is not my nature.

What is the possibility in my life. That I can experience the supreme joy in my life. So did I experience peace, or is it so rare for me that very very occasionally it comes, and as it comes it flies away. This is not peace. Peace is not an ideal. Recently I was in Salamanca university in Spain, and the dean before me said "Peace is a good ideal", and when I came to podium i said "Peace is within everyone's heart." Why have we come here? And I'm not talking of this hall. We've come here to fulfill our life. This is what I say wherever I go. Dig such a well that whenever you drop the bucket, you get it full of fresh water. I know only one thing that I'm alive now. And everything else is speculation. I'm only talking of what I can experience.

This address was directed at an audience of people who have learned the techniques of Knowledge. For more information, visit The Keys page.

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