The Presence

Why do I forget what is important? What am I saving for the last? The possibility of being in peace, am I saving it for the last? Time up! Change your plans, change of plans are required. Peace, without which, we would lose the very fabric of who we are. Peace that dances in the heart of everyone, thats the peace I am talking about.
The reality, the beauty, the joy, the true peace. Not an absence of something, but the very presence of something. Not an abstract concept. No, you have the last word. You have to feel that feeling in your life. Look at this existence, look at this little thing happening, it is amazing, it is unique. You know there is no one like you on the face of this whole world, not even if you have a twin. Slightly different. There is no one like you and there will be no one like you after you go. This is your time to make that understanding happen. To begin to understand.
And here is the concrete thing, to start to realize that all that you ever want, you have. Begin by understanding it and every day remembering, what is important to you, as a human being. That you were born and you are alive and thats it, you are alive. That is a blessing unparalleled. And I just wanted to come and remind you of that. Because in times of trouble we forget and what do we forget, we forget the most important thing. And thats what gets the center of trouble. You know this. Everything what I have said you know. And not only you need to know, but now is the time to understand that. You know peace is beautiful but now the time has come to actually feel that peace in your life.
And nobody is too young and nobody is too old. Never, because this is the matter of life. One life, one existence, one incredible gift, this existence that you have been given.

The Ageless
09:35 min

Naari Bandi Niketan, Lucknow
10:44 min