Science city auditorium Kolkata (Calcutta)

Event was held in Calcutta (kolkata) in science city auditorium, primarily for college students. At the end of cheerful talk by Maharaji, students asked many questions to him. His rock solid answer with love only them gasping for more.

Q: Many of us are becoming spiritual in order to search peace of mind. Do you think we are becoming selfish, or is it some kind of divine planning?

A: Selfish is so relative! When we have the luxury of sitting somewhere. Then is it like selfish? If my action deprives somebody of something, then it selfish. But when I am going to discover myself, not the other person; who am I depriving of what? Secondly, the creator has given you gift of breath- Now give this to somebody else! You can't! Even if you want to, you can't. Is that selfish? It is NOT selfish. It is what it is. To search for yourself is not selfish, because you are not depriving anybody of anything.

Q: Maharaji, my question is "What is true joy, and how can we experience this in our life"

A: It is within you.
Aatam anubhav gyaan ki, jo koi pooche baat
So gunga gud khaaye ke, kahe kaun mukh swaad!

How can I describe the experience of knowledge. When I cannot explain you the taste of Kiwi Fruit, how can I explain you the feeling of Self-Knowledge! You have to experience it yourself. This is the possibility. That is why it is so exciting! This is not a philosophy. I have not come to say "do this and that", and then disappear. No. I am not here to give you give an hour lecture "You should find the God within you. Ok kid bye!"
"Nai, Main apne saare shubdon ke peeche hoon"- I backup up every word I say!
And that is what makes it so exciting. Around the world - Saare Sansaar ke andar, Main logon ko ye dikhata hoon, batata hoon, aur anubhav karata hoon (I show this to people, tell them, and also make them experience this)!

Youth Peace Fest 2014
06:28 min

27:10 min