Stories for Peace

For a lot of people the question becomes, "What is peace?"
It is individual human beings, who need the peace. Who will benefit? We will benefit. Our future generations will benefit. A place they can proudly call their own, is the rarest thing around for miles and miles. I don't want to give you false hope. And I never said peace on this earth is going to be easy.
When they were deciding on how to go to the moon, a lot of people said it cannot be done. The trip to the moon was successful not because of people who said it cannot be done. But it was made successful by people who said it can be done. Every climb begins with a step. Every ladder has the first rung. Every stair has the first step. And yes, you can take it. Let us know just hope, but do whatever we can, to bring peace on this earth.

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Ask yourself "Will today be the day?"
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