The Call of the Heart

What is this breath? What is this life? What is this existence? When I have it, I have everything and when I do not have it, I do’nt even have nothing. And when I have it, I do not have to earn it, I have it. And what do I have? And the world goes, always what you could have.
Every advertisement, every sign, that you see, is about what you could have. Not what you need! There are no advertisements for peace and the world says to you that if you want to be happy, this is what you should do. But it never shows you, that this is the person who did all this and he was happy, No. Its a formula the world gives you and there is no equals sign at the end. It is just a formula. What does it equal? What does it produce? What does it do? Nobody knows. Do all of this, do all of that. And mind you, I am not criticizing anything. What I am saying is the "Key ingredient" missing in all that which is happening in the world is "you". Because in your life, you have all your responsibilites, but do you also take the responsibility of recognizing this breath which has been given to you.
I am sure all of you would have gone to beautiful concerts, and enjoyed them. You must have enjoyed beautiful symphonies playing. I am sure you must have heard a lot of lectures and discussed them, over a cup of coffee. Now let me ask you a question. Have you heard the call of your heart? Because if ever there was a poetry written, no poetry was written as sweet as "The call of the heart". If there ever was a perfect lecture, then it is the lecture of the heart. And if there is a voice that is sweet, then it is the voice of the heart. And if there was a song, that was most beautifully sung, then it is the song of the heart. Listen to it. Pay attention. Because something wonderful is happening in your life, something sweet is manifesting in your life. Listen to what is being said. Listen to this request, about peace, about joy, about being fulfilled. Not tomorrow, not day after tomorrow. But now.
There is a beautiful saying, that to see a reflection in the water, you need the pond or the lake or the surface of the water to be still. Then when you look, you see yourself. But if the water is rough, you look but you do’nt see yourself. Knowledge is just that, knowledge is like the mirror and in that mirror I won’t see other peoples faces. I would see mine. It is very true that the mirror needs to be of a quality that when I see my reflection, it should be accurate. It becomes so important that the mirror is clean so that I can see my true reflection in it. That is knowledge.

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