I am not joking, It is serious matter

Every mother wishes, that their son grows up, to be a famous person.
After the completion of their studies, there's another path, just like previous one.
Just keep on doing something.
Keep doing it.
After the retirement, when there's nothing left to do.
Then, they get bored.
Throughout their life, they wished, not to do anything.
After retirement, there's no need to do anything.
Just sit at home.
But how is it possible?
Because every moment, there's a recording being played.
To keep doing something or the other.
Do something at least.
You've to do something.
I'm not joking, try to understand, it's a serious matter.
It's humorous but serious.
It's serious because, we all are human beings.
I'm telling you, as even I'm a human.
I'm a human, you're also a human, so, I say because of humanity, it's not.
This isn't the aim of our life.
Because you're alive.
You can achieve something more.
Do something different.
In your life, you can experience peace.
In your life, you can experience wisdom.
You can make your life a success.

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Prem Rawat on his Foundation- TPRF
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