The riddle of here- Charnanad Expresses his gratitude

Short clip of Charnanand, where he expresses his understanding and love towards Maharaji.
In this world we are here for a very very short vacation. We are not going to be here forever. We think we are so well educated, we have science, we have technology and it has brought a lot of comfort at physical efforts. The source of happiness is already within us, it is not created. No one can take it away. I saw one little baby, just smiling with closed eyes. What made that child so happy and good?

We are looking. For something so simple.

So simple, that we can't hold it in our hands.
Or in our heads.

So we look to him. To her. To them. To there.
We look to everywhere but here.

To when. To then. But not to now.

It's hidden just beyond our cleverness.

So we presume it's out there.
But perhaps it's in here.

Like in deep sleep, a beggar forgets that he is a beggar and a king forgets that he is a king. Everyone goes back into that state of being. But how to get in touch with that place, with that feeling. while we are working in this world. That's where I feel very fortunate that someone has shown me the way to turn within. It is possible for everyone, everywhere. Whatever we call peace, happiness or contentment, it travels with us. Life is so precious, life is sublime. Appreciate it while you have time.

This address was directed at an audience of people who have learned the techniques of Knowledge. For more information, visit The Keys page.

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