The shining bowl

It's great to be here to remind you of a simple clarity. When I go to all the places that I go, I see that transformation in people who want to listen. We come from so many places of our own- Our troubles, our goods, bads.
I would like to relate a little story, which actually happened. Somebody sent me a vase for flowers. And there was a note. It was from someone in Sri Lanka. It's one of the beautiful places. It was also one of the places that was hit severely by tsunami. What the note said with the vase, was very interesting. Few days before the tsunami actually hit, this person looked at the bowl which was there in their home. This person with his family decided that he would clean and shine it. They made it look really beautiful. And then the tsunami hit. And everything that they had was washed out to the sea. Devastated. The next day this person went to see if they could find anything that they owned. In all the garbage that had floated up, his eye caught something shining- It was the bowl. The ocean somehow had given back the bowl. Why is this story important? This is you time. Shine it, impeccably. Because the tsunami is going to hit, there are no questions about it.

The Want of the Heart
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Rags to Riches
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