Thirst from the heart

Have you ever felt the presence of heart in your life? Have you ever felt the war between the heart and the mind? Mind works by the logics of this world, but heart has logics of its own. No one can teach logic to the heart. People take pride in having something achieved. But my friends, creator gave a thing to everyone, which not everyone understands - Time! Time is such a virtue, that wherever people create buildings, Time brings it back. People try to go as high as possible, Time pulls them down. Time cleans out everything on this earth. People create buildings from earth, and Time brings the building back to earth. Time bring everything back to earth, even this body! People don't understand this point. Why don't they understand, is because they think it will happen to others. They think this life will be in different body by then. Gigantic Pyramids in Egypt were created with this thought. Lots of wealth was put in the pyramid, but it went no where. Any person- educated, or not, or lives wherever; has a thirst in heart to find the supreme joy. There is a bird inside everyone of us, which was not taught by anyone. You keep anything in front of this bird, but it wont be happy. That bird will happy only when you get supreme joy. People think they happy when they are not sad. Guru Nanak said

"Nanak dukhiya sub sansara, sukhiya kewal naam adhara!"

This address was directed at an audience of people who have learned the techniques of Knowledge. For more information, visit The Keys page.

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