Drifting- Safe Harbor- Take Notice

So much happens in a person’s life and for so many people it really is like this boat and anchor drifting with the waves, drifting with the wind, drifting with the currents and then, somebody comes along and says you dont have to be drifting, that there is a harbour in which you may anchor and if this possibility is true. And I know that every being in their heart of hearts knows that there is a harbor, there is anchorage that is safe. Then let me prepare myself to understand, to accept, this divinity in my life, this possibility in my life.

And one of the most beautiful opportunities is the possibility of a master in one’s life to help that. Teach me, so that not you, but I, can stay away from ignorance. Grant me the gift so I may be awakened to that most beautiful possibility of understanding and accepting my own existence. Give me the gift, give me the courage to accept this magic in my life. Every day, every waking moment I have to prepare myself, I have to remind myself to look in that direction, to gaze upon that beauty that lies within me, I have to honour it. I have to be there to welcome it. I have to be there to embrace it and if that can be the focus thats when the being begins to dance- not physically, but within- thats when understanding begins to come. There is something like this in our life. There is an opportunity.

If somebody comes in your life and says- "I can give you peace, I can bring you in touch with your heart" Take notice- thats worth it! If you have that in this life, in this existence. Then that is the fulfillment of this existence.

Be fulfilled.

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