What is peace- New Zealand parliament

It is a pleasure to be here to be in New Zealand in front of you, talking about a very profound but beautiful subject. And the subject is peace. Now, you have heard a lot about the word peace, but let's try to take a look at what really peace is. Coz everybody wants peace. Wherever you go. Not too long ago I was in a prison talking to the prisoners "Want peace?" of course. Speak in front of people who are in army, you want peace? Yes Of course. In fact there was a gentleman who was criticizing his mother for watching my message. Because he was in the army and said this would never happen. One day accidently he ended up listening to what I was saying, and he said he will put all the armies out of commission if this really goes through!

So everybody wants peace, and then you and talk to people about what is peace. And here, you get surprising answers. Everybody has their own version of peace. Everybody is looking at it from totally different angle. Well it depends at what they are looking at. People think absence of war is peace. Peace is when people walk around very slowly, with flowing robes, with flowers in their hair, and greet everybody with peace symbols.

We see the reflection of peace. It's nice to have no wars, but it is only reflection of peace. All the things that we like about peace is just the reflection of peace. Because peace begins with every single human being on the face of this earth. That's what the peace is about.

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