Your Blessing

Brahmanand was a poet saint. He wrote beautiful things. What does he say, that without any foundation you support the structure of this entire universe. No pillars. Taking care of everything. And most importantly you have created a temple in the heart of every human being and come to reside in that temple. That is the pertinent news. That is the important piece of information. That in the heart of every human being you have made a temple and come to reside in that. And why do I think this is an important piece of information, not because this is a good theory. But I concur, I agree. Not because of a philosophy. Because I too feel a feeling that within me resides that power, that beauty.
And it is no co-incident that when I turn within, my heart is filled with joy. This is the gift, I am given. This is the blessing I am blessed with, when I go to this temple, I am blessed. The blessing is joy. The blessing is peace.
In my life I have to choose every single day because there is such a virtual world out there and it is so incredibly virtual, that to know the difference between the virtuality and reality, the line becomes so faded. And I cannot allow the line to become faded, I have to choose reality, my reality. Because reality is more beautiful.
The alternative, if you understand it, of this virtual and real saga, what you are looking at. Already, Tulsidas, who translated Ramayana, the incredible love story, in that its already he says, all that you see is virtual. All that you see is illusion. As far as your eyes can see is all illusion, is all virtual. If you want reality, turn within.
Problem we are having, all what we see, we dont like but we dont understand why we dont like it. So, we create an alternative world in which our fantasies can come true. So says Tulsidas, so says Kabir. Turn within and all your fantasies will come true. Your truest wish will come true. Kingdom of heaven is within you. If you choose. If you choose and you must choose everyday. If you choose to look within you will find it. If you choose not to look, you will not find it. Its as simple as that.

This address was directed at an audience of people who have learned the techniques of Knowledge. For more information, visit The Keys page.

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