A. T.- Casablanca, Morocco

For a long time, I wondered what Maharaji was like off stage. For a few years now, I have had the chance to provide a service to him that allows me to see him in many different situations, day in and day out, as he travels around the world. I have come to see him as an artist in everything he does, full of inspiration, feelings, and passion. The end result is a masterpiece that he constantly recreates; this is magic and it is challenging! To move forward, he has a unique vision of what needs to happen next, building the way one step at a time. Very conscious, bright, and calm, never rushing.

When I see him cooking, composing, recording, playing music, shopping, piloting a plane, interacting with many people in different circumstances, I see an extraordinary generosity of spirit and humor. He manifests exquisite consciousness, fearless creativity, and lives his life by the highest standards of integrity. He is focused on his work all the time and keeps his priorities very clear. His schedules are very tight, leaving very little time for personal activities or leisure.

Working for him is a great privilege. He has trusted me and cared for me. When I have needed it, he has corrected me kindly. Sometimes, I couldn’t understand and struggled over what he said he wanted or did not want. But time has always brought me to see that his vision and teachings work beautifully and to my own benefit. It has been the greatest learning experience for me, and I can say with all honesty that he is the most inspiring, precious, and delightful person I have met.

I am honored to have known Maharaji. He is an extraordinary man.

— A. T.
Casablanca, Morocco

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