Anna W.- The Netherlands

I first met Maharaji and heard about Knowledge when I was twenty years old. Now I am forty-eight, married, with a ten-year-old child and have a reasonably well-regulated life. Between then and now, both Knowledge and Prem Rawat, have formed a constant backdrop to my daily life, and it is my most sincere wish that my understanding and appreciation for both keep growing.

At twenty, I was a rebellious, angry, and frustrated young person, disillusioned with myself and the world around me. The offer of personal inner peace or happiness I found insulting. No one had a right to these things— not as long as there was hunger, war, and meanness around us and in us.

Yet, in all my frustration, I felt an attraction. To what? The people telling me about Knowledge obviously seemed sincere; they were certainly respectful and tactful. There was no pressure. In simple words, the message always was: "There is peace inside of you, and you can learn to get to it. And yes, anyone can get to it— you too!"

I remember clearly the day I came to the decision to give this a chance and began to listen and to prepare. Almost immediately, I started feeling better— different. Why? I truly do not know. What I felt was a surprise at waking up and looking forward to the day, knowing things would be well inside— regardless of the chores and the struggle to make ends meet.

The day I first saw Maharaji at an event, I felt I could trust this person with what was my most prized possession: hope. He has never failed me in that.

He made available to me the instrument to feel peace inside of me— and I added my effort. I continue to make an effort. It takes one hour a day of undisturbed privacy. It may seem a big price to pay in our hurried, fraught lives, but it isn't. Once you learn to make the time, it works.

— Anna W.
The Netherlands

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