Astrid J.- Graz, Austria

Since childhood, I read any book I came across that touched on these questions: What is life? What is the meaning of it? Is life as we know and experience it the only truth that exists, or is there something beyond it? I read books about natural science, religion, and philosophy. Though it was comforting to find that, for centuries, human beings all around the world had been busy with the same questions that I had, nothing I read could really answer my questions in a way that was satisfying for me.

Something inside of me encouraged me to keep looking. I started by giving what I was looking for a name: I called it “Life Itself,” and I equipped it with the quality of “True Love.” I hoped to find Life Itself by experiencing True Love. I asked myself how I could find True Love and I got the answer: “Listen to your heart!” I asked myself how to be able to hear my heart and I got the answer: “If you had to live for today only, if tomorrow did not exist, how would you make your decisions for today? What would be important for you?”

From that day on, I began to make my decisions that way, and many changes started to happen in my life. Two years later, during a summer vacation in Greece, I met the man who would become my husband. He talked to me about Life, Truth, and Love in a beautiful way. He told me about an experience he had called Knowledge and a person called Maharaji who taught this Knowledge.

I received Maharaji's Knowledge in 1999, and since then, my life has changed in a wonderful way. Knowledge enables me to connect with a unique feeling inside of me. It is this feeling that has fulfilled my longings and that has answered my questions. I have found Life Itself and True Love inside of me. They had always been there. I just had to discover them.

— Astrid J.
Graz, Austria

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