Bobby H.- London, United Kingdom

For many years, I have had the privilege both to work as a chef for Maharaji and to be a student of his. My relationship with him and my understanding of how he helps me have evolved over the years. When I first approached Knowledge as a possibility for my life, I was looking for answers to a lot of questions. Soon it became clear to me that a relationship with the person showing me the techniques of Knowledge, and also guiding me along this path, was important to my progress. I began to see myself more and more as a student, but I still did not understand what that meant.

Before meeting Maharaji, I had had in my life a series of important figures— mother, father, schoolteachers, and then a series of master chefs. However enjoyable they may have been, in these relationships, inevitably, I had had to surrender some autonomy in order to learn from my mentors. Based on this, I anticipated the same with the person who would show me Knowledge. I rapidly overcame this as I came to know Maharaji as a uniquely kind and patient human being. Even though I might have been willing to follow any direction he might have suggested for my life because I was in awe of the clarity of his insights, he never let me do that. Instead, he always gave me responsibility for setting my own directions for my life. I have witnessed, from his side, a relentless concern that I build up and protect my own judgment and integrity as an individual, and that I take full responsibility for all significant choices in my life.

In the professional services that I have rendered to him, I have, at times, succeeded and at other times fallen short. Where other bosses would have blamed or fired me, he had his own way of letting me know— usually without saying much— and always emphasized what I was going to learn, instead of what I had done wrong. I am grateful to him for helping me, always.

— Bobby H.
London, England, UK

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