Connie K- Hong-Kong, China

I was invited to a house to listen to someone speaking. I didn’t understand what was said. There was a photo of Maharaji. I also couldn’t accept an Indian to be my teacher. Someone talked about the importance of understanding, which made sense to me. It was a long way from home to attend events where videos of Maharaji were shown, and on the bus one day, I asked myself why I wanted to go there even though it was raining. Then I received a reply from myself: “Because it’s real. It feels good.”

At the time I asked for Knowledge, I didn’t realize what I would receive. Afterwards, I couldn’t believe it was so simple. But I also realized I had received something I would have to take care of for my whole life.

I am so fortunate and am enjoying Knowledge very much. I love Maharaji and Knowledge. He keeps on helping me, and he is the only one who is kindly guiding me towards myself.

— Connie K.
Hong Kong, China

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