Dalit F.- Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

I received Knowledge twenty-two years ago. Back then I would talk about it much more than I do now, not because there is less to it, but because I have learned to appreciate and savor it as it is, just mine.

I know some people spend their youth, or even their entire lives searching— I did not. I kind of stumbled upon it as one does with life’s opportunities. And I liked what I heard, but more than this— I liked what I felt. Here was something that I was entrusted with to check and validate, all by myself. This was something for me, and even if I did wish to show how cool it was— there was nothing out there to bear witness, but me, to having a very happy and satisfied heart. It has become over the years such a part of my life that I do sometimes forget how profound it is. This is the stuff that great poems are made of, that words like “yearning,” “longing,” and “bliss” are meant for. And it’s not in my behavior; you wouldn’t see anything glowing above my messy hairdo— I’m far too busy doing mom and kids and other very mundane things. But I also find time to be with my heart. And it does make a difference— for me. This sweet, simple, loving feeling that I feel inside of me— words like “grateful” come to mind.

And Maharaji— he has been the most absolutely amazing friend. Refreshing the enthusiasm, helping me keep such a delicate commitment in this blizzard of life. I simply feel very, very fortunate.

— Dalit F.
Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

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