Declan D.- Dublin, Ireland

When I first heard from someone at work talk about Maharaji, my reaction was like a cat with a mouse. It provided me with an opportunity to play intellectual table tennis with him. It was very satisfying entertainment. Between bouts I would think up new objections, and our good-humored jousts went on for weeks.

I was pretty horrified when another co-worker suggested going to a presentation about Maharaji, and I only agreed to accompany him on condition that I would speak to no one there. So it was a big jump for me to go from that point to the one of wanting the Knowledge that Maharaji was offering.

Over the years I have known Maharaji, what has attracted me most is his irreverent sense of humor and willingness to debunk myths. I admire his tenacity time and again in fighting to disassemble the recurring coagulation of "group think" among different people, over the years, who talk about him and his views on life. This seems to have been an ongoing task.

For myself, I have repeatedly questioned his motivation and the precepts presented. Yet his irreverence and humor have entertained me. His insightful observations on the meaning of life have illuminated and enthralled me. Above all, the practice of the techniques he taught me has given me the ability to find rest and enjoyment in a simple way with no strings attached.

— Declan D.
Dublin, Ireland

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