Derek D.- Lyndhurst, United Kingdom

I am a fifty-four-year-old computer consultant, happily married, with a twenty-two year old son. I first encountered Maharaji thirty years ago.

Understandably, I was initially skeptical about the possibility that a thirteen-year-old schoolboy could tell or show me anything of interest, but was immediately struck by his remarkable ability to answer questions on the deep issues of human existence.

Apart from the personal internal experiences made available by the techniques of Knowledge, I have found it immensely enjoyable and rewarding simply to listen to Maharaji speaking over the years. Many times, a small remark of his has triggered a crucial breakthrough in my own understanding. Invariably these have not been novel or original concepts, but the sincerity of his expression sparked an insight with positive consequences for my life.

Even though Maharaji’s teachings are expressly not about getting improved results in life, I am convinced that several of the side effects have been extremely beneficial in my relationships within my family, my business dealings, and my hobbies. The latter include skiing and acrobatic high board diving, both as a competitor and as a coach. Improved concentration, focus, equanimity, commitment, and empathy have positively impacted all of these areas.

From time to time, it has been my very great pleasure to help with Maharaji’s work, often as a technician working on the audio, video and lighting systems for the events where he speaks, and sometimes by making a financial contribution. These efforts have never been made in response to pressure of any kind, but from my own gratitude to Maharaji for what he had freely given to me, and out of a simple desire to help create a situation where others could enjoy the same benefits that I had received.

— Derek D.

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