Dr. Sandy Hewitt, United Kingdom

Dr. Sandy HewittfIn her capacity as director, Business Excellence, for Rolls-Royce plc, Dr. Sandy Hewitt travels to diverse locations, coaching and encouraging the use of best practices. She has worked for several global companies and spent tbree years researching excellence in business management. Sbe has two sons and first discovered self-knowledge toward the end of 1975.

Initially, I had little interest in Maharaji, but gradually, as I learned more about myself, I began to appreciate his clarity and to recognize his wisdom. Most importantly, I have come to value his perspective.

Self-knowledge has made me aware that first and foremost, I’m a human being, alive and alert with the ability to learn, to appreciate, and to shine. Knowing that about myself means that I see it in others too: in my family, the people I work with, and people I meet. Pursuing self-knowledge is teaching me to trust myself and to see that feeling good does not depend upon other people or situations. Because I’m less dependent on those things, I can enjoy them so very much more. Although I’ve been many things— a student, a wife and mum, a secretary, a shopkeeper, a manager, a consultant, an academic— through it all, what I’ve actually been is me, enjoying the learning.

People tell me that over the years I’ve become more open, receptive, self-assured, and resilient. But the thing I notice is that, compared with many of my generation, instead of getting set in my ways as I get older, I’m probably getting less so.

I have great admiration for Maharaji as a leader because of his absolute refusal to allow anything to contaminate the integrity of his teaching. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to watch a real craftsman or engineer at work, and I’m always struck by the focus, total mastery of a skill, and depth of understanding of his craft. There are many of these people in the company I work for, people who will accept nothing less than excellence in the gas turbine engines they design and make. Twenty-six years ago, I encountered a man who has this same kind of understanding about himself and about life. With each subsequent encounter, I’ve noted that his mastery does not waver and his clarity does not weaken. Although our lives are superficially very different, he continues to be a reference point for me as I learn more about myself.

Looking back, I realize that, although the view of the world that I had learned from my family, from school, and my friends was valuable, I have a fresh perspective that has more to do with my own integrity than with the judgment of others. I don’t know how that shows on the surface, but I know I feel less driven to weigh myself on the scales of successes and failures. That’s freedom.

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