Erica A.- Kingston, NY, USA

Almost thirty years ago, Maharaji showed me a simple, continuously available means of feeling joy within myself. Since then, he has consistently and lovingly reminded me that joy exists within me and has inspired me to take advantage of the opportunity to feel it.

There is another important reason that I am Maharaji’s student— one more subtle, yet equally powerful. Beyond the logic (I want to learn; he wants to teach; I trust him to do so), there is the relationship that has grown between us over the years. When someone really helps you, in any way, the natural impulse is to feel grateful. I feel enormously grateful to Maharaji; gratitude freely offered is a delight to both giver and receiver. Also, when two people relate as student and teacher, especially over a long period of time, a deep affection and trust tends to develop in each for the other. My relationship of affection and trust with Maharaji has become an intrinsic and lovely part of the process of Knowledge.

Because I cherish the gift he showed me and appreciate his support in taking advantage of it, I continue to accept his offer to be my teacher. From my point of view, my decision to be his student has paid tremendous dividends: I’ve found his gift, his help, and his presence in my life inexpressibly valuable.

— Erica A.
Kingston, NY, USA

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